Czech Republic

Moravia and Silesia

Twelve days into the journey doesn’t mean the surprises are over. The Travel Vlogger finds a new favorite food and stunning architecture in a small town on the road to Brno.

23 km | 1 hour | Active

Day 12: The Hidden Beauty of a Small Town Monastery

Route description:

The guys are nearing the end of their trip and starting to get nostalgic. Luckily, the path from Mikulov to Brno offers geographic beauty, from vineyards and meadows to limestone rocks and reservoirs, to distract from any sadness. Over lunch, Brian also discovers a type of Czech dumpling that can serve double duty as either lunch or dessert.

Monika suggests a stop at the Rajhrad Monastery. The marble sculpture and Baroque designs inspire Brian to marvel at the beauty hidden in such a small Czech town. The nearby monastery brewery then beckons the team to quench their thirst before tackling the last sixteen kilometers.

Brno’s lively nightlife tries to tempt the guys into an extended evening, but they choose the responsible option of a good night’s sleep. After a grateful goodbye to Monika, the Travel Vlogger team heads to bed.

This route is perfect for integrating the beauty of small towns and big cities. Next up, a bumpy road from Brno to Otrokovice, with a pleasant twist.

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Brno - Židlochovice - Brno.


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Moravia and Silesia

23 km | 1 hour
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