Czech Republic

Moravia and Silesia

After a breakfast of sweet pastries, the Travel Vlogger team finds some tough times along the path to South Bohemia, but are rewarded with wine country on the other side.

22 km | 2 hours | Active

Day 9: Bad Luck is FIne in Good Company

Route description:

Day 9 marks the longest day of cycling. The guys get a head start from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice on the train before facing another eighty kilometers (roughly fifty miles) to Znojmo. They fuel up on Czech pastries, including Tomaš’ recommendation called větrník.

Day 9 throws another kink in the plans when Brian gets a flat tire but, surrounded by experienced cyclists, he is patched up and back on the road in no time. The bad luck continues at Hrad Landštejn, where the castle is closed on Mondays, but its exterior views still impress. To stay on schedule, they decide to skip the town of Slavonice and pedal onwards to Znojmo.

Radek’s bows out leaving the remaining three to admire the Moravian sunset. The guys try some wine that the region is known for and learn the Czech phrase for “enjoy your meal”.

This route is perfect for exploring a cross section of regions from Bohemia to Moravia. Next up, the guys battle gale force winds to reach “wine time” in Mikulov.

Watch summary of the day on Youtube.


Nová Bystřice - Slavonice - Znojmo


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Nová Bystřice

Air humidity: 90%
Cloudiness: 98%
Wind: (WSW) 10km/h
light snow
Wednesday -2°
Thursday -5°
Friday -1°
Saturday -2° -1°


Moravia and Silesia

22 km | 2 hours
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