Czech Republic

South Bohemia

The Travel Vlogger team navigates trains, visits a castle, discovers new food, and captures a drone’s eye view of South Bohemia’s natural beauty.

41 km | 3 hours | Active

Day 6: South Bohemian Brews, Food, and Views

Route description:

Day 6 takes the team to South Bohemia with a train ride to Tabor, where another new guide named Radek joins the journey. After exploring the center of town, they take another train to a mystery destination thirty minutes away. We’ll wait here if you want to peek at a map and take a guess.

The hilly topography of South Bohemia may be tough, but the scenery makes up for it. The Travel Vlogger team releases their drone to capture meadow, forest and Vltava River views.

There was one more reward waiting for the team upon arrival in Hluboká – the gorgeous Gothic Revival castle. It’s too late to go inside, so they trade a feast of the eyes for a treat to their taste buds with a microbrewery tour. Finally, Brian finds a new favorite flavor of Czech cuisine on Radek’s dinner pla­te.

This route is perfect for a well-rounded Czech day of natural beauty, microbrews, castles and good food. Next up, the team stop by the Budvar (Budweiser) brewery on the way to Český Krumlov.

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Tábor - Bechyně - Týn nad Vltavou - Hluboká nad Vltavou


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South Bohemia

41 km | 3 hours
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