Czech Republic

Central Bohemia

On the fourth day of the trip, the Travel Vloggers explore the fortress of Terezín, fuel up on more delicious Czech meals, and navigate a night without guides by repeating one important Czech phrase.

50 km | 3 hours | Active

DAY 4: Goodbye to the Guides, Hello to More Wine

Route description:

Day 4 starts at the Terezín fortress, built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later used as a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp during WWII. Here, the Travel Vloggers say a grateful farewell to Jiři for guiding them along the first few days of the journey, and to Janek, which leaves a team of three to continue towards Roudnice nad Labem.

Over lunch, Brian and Michal introduce a few more dishes for viewers to add to the Czech cuisine checklist before Michal leaves the guys on their own for the last leg of the journey.

In Mělník, the team gets a tour of the town center and another wine tasting paired with a bit of a language barrier. What’s the best solution? One more glass of vino, of course!

This route is perfect for WWII history buffs and fans of Czech food and wine. Next up, the guys stop by a Baroque chateau before arriving in the Czech capital of Prague.

Watch summary of the day on Youtube.


Litoměřice - Terezín - Roudnice nad Labem - Mělník


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Central Bohemia

50 km | 3 hours
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