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The ski resort Horní Domky is located in the winter sports resort Rokytnice nad Jizerou in the Krkonoše mountains. It spreads out on the southern hillside of Lysá, 657-1315 m above the sea level. The well-liked resort of Rokytnice nad Jizerou consists of the Horní Domky, Studenov, Pařez and Modrá Hvězda centers. The ski resort Horní Domky is the biggest one of those.

Family, Active

Ski resort Horní Domky - Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Resort description:

The ski resort offers a wide range of skiing slopes of all levels of difficulty, a snowpark and training slopes. The slopes are 13,5 km long in total, they are well-arranged and wide. 9 slopes are blue-marked, so they are easier and suitable for beginners thanks to the small elevation difference.

There are five red-marked slopes and two black-marked slopes for advanced skiers and experienced athletes. The longest slopes is more than 2500m long. Transport of skiers is provided by 2 four-seat chair lifts and a few tow lifts. In the children snowpark there is a moving line/carpet at your disposal. A red-marked slope and a tow lift is a part of the local snowpark. All slopes are mechanically maintained on daily basis and covered with artificial snow. Visitors can use one of four free parking lots, a skibus, ski school, a testing center, a sports equipment rental shop with a service center, a baggage room etc. In the vicinity of the slopes there are numerous snack bars and restaurants.

Top-rated accommodation is available in many apartments or alpine style mountain cottages. The ski resort Horní Domky is one of the best winter sports centers in the Czech republic.
Activity type

Downhill skiing

Audience type

Family , Active

Resort info

Opening time: 08:30-16:00

Resort services

LD Horní Domky | v provozu
Křížek | mimo provoz
Zalomený | v provozu
Montaz | mimo provoz
LD Lysá hora | v provozu
Kaprun I. | v provozu
Kaprun II | v provozu
Kotvový - VL 1000 | mimo provoz
Poma H 210 | mimo provoz
Kotvový - VL 500 | mimo provoz
Rokytka | mimo provoz
Hranice 1 | mimo provoz
Hranice 2 | mimo provoz
Centrum 1 | mimo provoz
Centrum 2 | mimo provoz
Koupaliště 1 | mimo provoz
Koupaliště 2 | mimo provoz
Pařez I. | mimo provoz
Pařez II. | mimo provoz
H 130 | mimo provoz
PFP | mimo provoz
Bahýnka I | mimo provoz
Bahýnka II | mimo provoz
Turistická | Otevřena
Přibližovák | Otevřena
Kaprun I. (dětský fun park) | Otevřena
Kaprun II. | Otevřena
Padák | Zavřena
Svážná | Zavřena
Bufetová | Zavřena
Dojezdová | Zavřena
Křížek | Otevřena
Slalomák | Otevřena
Dřevařská | Zavřena
Červená FIS | Otevřena
Dědek | Zavřena
Spojovací | Zavřena
Prudká | Zavřena
Divoká | Zavřena
Studenov-Modrá | Zavřena
Studenov-Modrá 500 | Zavřena
Studenov-Modrá 200 | Zavřena
Studenov-Červená | Zavřena
Rokytka | Zavřena
Hranice 1 | Zavřena
Hranice 2 | Zavřena
Centrum 1 | Zavřena
Centrum 2 | Zavřena
Koupaliště 1 | Zavřena
Koupaliště 2 | Zavřena
Pařez 1 | Zavřena
Pařez 2 | Zavřena
Modrá Hvězda | Zavřena
Modrá hvězda 2 | Zavřena
Bahýnka 1 | Zavřena
Bahýnka 2 | Zavřena
Horní Domky - chata Dvoračky | Sjízdné
chata Dvoračky - Jablonecká cesta - Strážník
chata Dvoračky - Okolo Vlčího hřebene - Rezek
Kostelní cesta I.
Okruh u Kapličky I
Okruh u Kapličky II

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Rokytnice nad Jizerou

Air humidity: 89%
Cloudiness: 100%
Wind: (WNW) 25km/h
light snow
Saturday -3° -7°
Sunday -4° -12°
Monday -2° -11°
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