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Singltrek pod Smrkem near Nové Město pod Smrkem is one of the best domestic MTB centers, this unique network of trails also belongs to the best in Central Europe. One of the oldest centers in our country is located in the Jizerských Mountains on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland.

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Singltrek pod Smrkem

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The first planning phase took place at the end of autumn in 2008 and continued into the spring of 2009. In the autumn of 2009, the oldest, approximately 20-kilometer-long circuit was built, going over Hubertka, Obří sud (Giant Barrel), Spálena hospoda (Burned Pub) and Lomnický Bridge. The entire network of trails, which now extends into Poland, they were built in three stages and now they offer almost 80 km of fun riding for all bikers. Singltrek's paths are playful, your speed decides the level of difficulty. They are oneway trails, (except Nástupní (Starter Trail) and Lázeňské in Libverda) and the difficulty level is divided by colors, just like ski slopes. Depending on your current performance, you can choose different lengths and complexity of a chosen circuit. The tracks are designed so that a complete beginner can ride here, as well as experienced and demanding bikers. This area is generally not so technical, the surface is smoother, so you can easily ride a hardtail bike or ride with children. Dafydd Davis, one of the most experienced trail designers in the world, was also invited to design this network of trails. He is considered the „granddad“ of off-road biking centers in the UK. Singltrek pod Smrkem is a very popular mountain bike destination and you should definitely visit it. It has won several awards not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world. The trails of Singltrek pod Smrkem were created thanks to the investments of the State Administration of Forests of the Czech Republic (Lesy ČR) as part of their commitment to the fulfillment of public interests in the forests.


Starter (Nástupní)- Green route, easy and with two-way traffic, so you need to be a bit more cautious. It will be appreciated especially by beginners and children, for whom it is a good, fun path to learn on and test new things. For others, it is suitable for warming up and getting started. Hřebenáč (Ridge)- blue trail, easy; this trail is suitable for parents with children and for less able bikers and beginners. It's easily pedaled, simple, but also fun. It will lead you to deciduous and coniferous forests, to the footpaths around the wetlands and between beautiful boulders. Obora (Game-park) - red circuit, medium difficult; it connects to the blue circuit Hřebenáč and includes a favorite downhill named Dafyddova radost (Dafydd's Joy), where you can enjoy a bit of speed. Downhill on Obora is "redeemed" by a climb on a trail run with serpentines and switchbacks, so it is pleasant ride. When you combine Hřebenáč with Obora, you will get a full ride. Rapický Circuit - this is a "circular junction" in the center of the Singltrek pod Smrkem network, situated on the slopes of Rapické Mountains on both sides of the state border. Asphalt Traverse - consists of three sections of forest asphalt roads. The first section called Asphalt Agony is the longest and most challenging climb in Singltrek pod Smrkem. However, the difficulty of climbing is then rewarded by great trails and downhill runs. Libverdská strana - red tracks, medium difficult, part of Singltrek's first circuit built in 2009. Most of the Libverdské tracks are long, fun downhills that riders will really enjoy. The second part of the Libverdské strany (sides) is a climb, in the middle of which you will experience beautiful views. Ludvíkovský Traverse - red trails, medium difficult; This section will lead bikers from the vicinity of Libverda Spa back to New Town pod Smrkem. In the first third, the trail slowly rises, so you can feel more of the climb, but again, the effort is rewarded by a fun downhill. New Town Side (Novoměstská strana) - red trails, medium difficult; They are formed by a rapid dynamic downhill above Kyselka. Around the Copper (Okolo Měděnce) - black trails, difficult; The circuit offers a long, fast, and in places a relatively narrow and close downhill, beautiful views and a climb through a magnificent beech forest. Nad Czerniawą - the section is characterized mainly by beautiful nature, mainly thanks to the scenes of the Czerniawski Valley and Malá Gora in Poland. Zajęcznik - red trails, medium difficult; This is the most remote circuit of the Singltrek pod Smrkem network. But it is definitely worth going here and enjoying a smooth six-kilometer downhill. Hejnický (hřeben) Ridge - black trails, difficult; The rugged rocky terrain in this area offers a really beautiful loop along the rocks – the climbs gets you warmed up, but the downhill really moves.

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Nové Město pod Smrkem

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