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Rychlebské Trails are one of our oldest and largest trail locations, and coupled with its atmosphere and quality, they are one of the most visited trail systems in the Czech Republic. The base is located in the village of Black Water (Černá Voda), less than half an hour's drive from the town of Jeseník.

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Rychlebské stezky

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The idea to create a mountain bike trail was born in 2008, when the first official work on the trail also took place. Tracks first originated on old hunting trails, and the first routes were opened at the beginning of September 2009. All tracks form closed circuits that visitors take along the hills. Each trail varies in how it is technically demanding, each has a different concept and contains different elements and obstacles. The first tracks of the Rychlebské Trails were of a more technical nature, now there is also easier riding, with smoother and simpler trail options, so everyone really enjoys riding here. Used most is the hill called Sokolí vrch (Falcon Peak), where you can find the most famous and popular Czech trail Superflow, which was built in cooperation with Welsh traildesigner Rowan Sorrell. In addition, here you will find most of the tracks of the Rychlebské Trails. The exception is only those along the Černý potok (Black Creek), namely Vidnavsky Circuit and Forest Trail (Lesy) ČR, both are easy and point towards the other side of the RS Base. They will take you down at a nice pace to the next villages of Vidnava or Velké Kraše. There you will also find the Dirtpark Garden with a pumptrack. You can train at Vidnava at a forest spot called Na psích uličkách (Dog Aisles), where trailbuilder Mirek Kopecký has created a great jumping ramp from a superb double. Thanks to the vastness of the entire Rychlebské Trails, there is no problem to spend more days here and enjoy biking in the beautiful countryside. The location also offers a lot of unmarked routes, which the local people like to show every participant of the regular monthly trailwork. Riding at this place is a real experience and every good biker should get out here. The professional bicycle magazine Velo mentions the Rychlebské Trails as the best area of its kind in the Czech Republic.


Trail by Dr. Wiessner - This is the only artificially built climbing trail that will lead you to the tracks under Sokolim (Falcon) Peak and to Superflow. Traily pod Sokolím vrchem (Trails under Sokolim (Falcon) Peak)- they copy several parts of original hunting trails and are characterized by large stones. Regarding technical and physical difficulty, they are slower trails. A great advantage in this area is the accessibility of forest paths that connect these trails in a variety of ways. Depending on the route selected, you can reach an altitude of up to 470 meters. Wales - the highest trail and one of the most demanding of what RS offers. Riding difficult technical passages, however, creates a great feeling, which is associated with a reward in the form of a magnificent view of the Rychlebské Mountains and the Polish Lowlands. Velryba (Whale) – this trail is characterized by the most rideableboulders on Rychlebské trails. Biskupský (Episcopal), Tajemný (Mysterious), Prokletý (Cursed) and Mramorový (Marble) - stones, footpaths, catwalks, shallow streams, everything is waiting for you in these beautiful local forests. The beautiful nature adds a unique atmosphere to the Rychlebské Trails. Downhill (Sjezdy)- here you will find banked turns, boulders and other rough spots that represent the playful and rugged ending of the "old" trails beneath the Sokolim (Falcon) Peak. Trail podél Černého potoka (Trail along Černý potok (Black Creek) – this trail copies the Creek up to the parking lot at the swimming pool in Velké Kraše (near Vidnava). Here is easier terrain with plenty of beautiful places and views, ideal for beginners, families or bikers on hardtails. The elevation gain is only about 80 meters with a length of 16 km. Vidnavský Circuit - after a short crossing from Černý potok (Black Creek), you will reach the six-kilometer circuit near Vidnava. This is a light flow trail for everybody, including families. Trail Lesů ČR (Forest Trail) ČR - the easiest trail of Rychlebské Trails will take you from Vidnava and Velké Kraše from Dirtpark Zahrádka back to Černá Voda (Black Water). It offers beautiful views and cool terrain.

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