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The Vysočina Cycle Arena is located in the heart of the Vysočina Region, next to Nové Město in Moravia. The trails are part of a large area and complex, which is famous for the World Biathlon races as well as MTB XC. In 2016, the world championship was held here.

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Cyklo aréna Vysočina

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Thanks to the perfect conditions and great racing track, the World Cup here has been repeatedly selected as the best race of the season, which is a great honor for the organizers. The whole Cycle Arena was able to use the racing scene very well and already from its very beginning it has built a very good and strong reputation not only in our country but also in the world. The thinkers and people involved in the implementation of the Arena are members of the SP Mountain Bike Organizing Committee. The trails were designed to create a quality area that is accessible to all performance groups. There are technically easy, fun and safe trails for children, nature trails for disabled cyclists, whether on a wheelchair or a handbike. At the same time, you can find really challenging trails for experienced bikers, which are based on the current trends in the construction of tracks in the World Cup of Mountain Bikes. Here you can try places where Jaroslav Kulhavý (Winner London Olympics in MTB) and Nino Schurter (Olympic winner from Rio de Janeiro) rode next to each other. In the Cycling Arena of Vysočina, you can especially ride on a hardtail bike or suspension bikes with smaller travel. For adrenaline enthusiasts on enduro or even downhill bikes this location does not offer much, (with these bikes you really do not need to visit here at all), this location does not offer much for them, but if you prefer a place for cool easy riding, you will feel comfortable here. The area is further developed by MTB and road circuits that can lead to distant locations and shows the beauty of the Vysočina region.


Warm-Up Trail - 9 km, easy; this track will easily get you warmed-up before more riding in the area. It does not have any steep climbs or descents. It is also suitable for families with children. Hors Class Trail 1 - 7 km, a medium difficult trail with more technical sections (you can aways go around the toughest obstacles). Hors Class Trail 2 - 4 km, a medium difficult loop with similar traits to Hors Class Trail 1 World Cup Trail - 3 km, a difficult track that contains sections of the MTB XCO World Cup. Stony passages, closed bends, and swift alternations of descent and climb all await you here. Bikers can try out the places where the world's best XC riders compete. Handy Trail - 3 km, a very easy trail designed for families with children. Thanks to its width (up to two meters) and easy level, this loop is suitable even for handicapped athletes who want to try a ride in the woods on a handbike or wheelchair. Bejby Trail - 1 km, made for the smallest of cyclists. Everything is placed in a small and well-arranged space where kids can enjoy plenty of fun on a safe course full of turns and bends, all the while slowly learning new skills on a bike.

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Active , Adrenaline

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Nové Město na Moravě

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