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It is one of the most famous legends of our country: it is said that a priceless Nazi treasure is hidden in the drifts and galleries under the hills at the confluence of the Sázava and Vltava rivers – gold, ancient documents, but also designs of flying saucers. It has been a source of dreams for professional treasure hunters, adventurers and intelligence services for dozens of years.

40 km | 5 hours | Active, Adrenaline

Will you solve the mystery of the Treasure of Štěchovice?

Route description:

„The holiday area of the confluence of the Vltava and Sázava rivers is very popular. The attractiveness of that place is proven by the long history of Czechoslovak hiking and tramping. If, in addition to beautiful countryside, you are also interested in the mystery of the Štěchovice treasure, this trip will be great for you. However, most events are not connected with Štěchovice, but with the nearby village of Hradišťko. The picturesque valley of the Zahořanský Creed is full of romantic places, cabins and the comforting sound of flowing water. Afterwards you will arrive under Petrov to a railway guard house bearing a sign reading Pikiwitz, which was the location of an SS training camp and the whole area was perfectly enclosed. Simply an ideal hide! Take the famous Posázavská Path, enjoy Rais’ lookout and head for a ravine called Šlemín. You will come across an old gallery in which Helmut Gaensel, a famous hunter of the Treasure of Štěchovice, found a furnace where the impregnation matter for sealing boxes was fused. But the treasure is nowhere to be seen… Never mind. Go on to a ravine called Dušno and to the remnants of Frank’s Gallery. It is exactly here where the only provably found part of the Štěchovice Treasure was hidden. In February 1946 a convoy of American army vehicles secretly arrived to Hradišťko and the agents are said to have taken away 32 boxes filled with treasure. A month later, at the request of the government, they returned the boxes filled with the archives of the office of Reich Protector K.H. Frank. However, many people believe that the boxes originally contained something completely different, which the American army took away… Another stop is Klíč pod Medníkem, in which the key to the entire legend is believed to be hidden. However, this area has been declared a natural reserve thanks to its precious plants, and any digging work is strictly forbidden. So it is hard to say whether or not the treasure is hidden there. The popular saying “The journey can also be the target” applies here, and what is really important is to enjoy a great bike trip improved by the mysterious, mystical atmosphere.“


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Mountain Biking

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Active , Adrenaline

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Central Bohemia

40 km | 5 hours
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