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From the viewpoint of trail riding, the Dolní Morava area is young, but it is already clear that it has great potential. In 2016, it offered only one track, but it was built so that everyone could handle it and everyone would be interested in it.

Active, Adrenaline

Single trails Dolní Morava

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Almost all of it is artificially built, it contains a few banked turns, bumps, jumps and other rough spots that go smoothly at a low speed without any problems, and by riding it faster it will bring plenty of fun to skilled riders. Approximately halfway through, the route is divided into two varied sections. The surroundings of Dolní Morava offer many other routes especially for mountain and trekking bikes. From the top station of the chairlift, more precisely from Slaměnka cottage, leads a network of paved roads or mountain paths and trails around the whole ridged hill area of Králický Sněžník. Along the marked ridge hiking trails it is possible to go to the top of Králický Sněžník, to the spring of the Morava River, to the Polish side of the ridge or to Hynčice or Staré Město pod Sněžníkem. While riding, you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area. The area offers many additional activities, of which the greatest attraction at this time is the Trail in the Clouds (Stezka v oblacích). There is also a bobsled track, a rope park, an adrenaline park, a segway „cart“ rental, and much more. For children, there is the popular Mamutík Water Park, a Forest Experience Park and the Sand World – all located right by the cycle paths.


Skalní (Rocky) Trail - a medium difficult trail, 4 km long, it offers a climb elevation of nearly 350 meters. The entire track is artificially built and presents bikers with bumps, jumps, banked turns and other obstacles and rough spots. In the middle it is divided into two tracks, there are wooden catwalks, then both merge again and continue as one trail down. Speed is the determining factor as to what kind of ride you will experience.

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Active , Adrenaline

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Opening time: 08:30-16:00

Resort services

LD U Slona | v provozu
LD Sněžník | v provozu
LV Ondráš | v provozu
LV Kamila | v provozu
LV Slamník | v provozu
Dětský LV Amálka | v provozu
SunKid pás malý a kolotoč | v provozu
SunKid pás velký | v provozu
Ondráš | Otevřena
Velký Slon | Otevřena
Malý Slon | Otevřena
Sněžník A | Otevřena
Kamila | Otevřena
Sněžník B | Otevřena
Slamník | Otevřena
Spojovací lyžařská cesta | Otevřena
Dětský ski park Amálka | Otevřena
Vyhlídková | Otevřena
Jesenická magistrála
Spojka Vyhlídková a Vojenská
Spojka Tanková
Spojka Jasani a Vysoká
Okruh Zbojnická
Okruh Větrný vrch
Okruh nad vesnicí
Single trails | Mimo provoz
Půjčovny lyží a snowboardů, obchod | V provozu
Restaurace Slaměnka | V provozu
Restaurace Marcelka | V provozu
Restaurace U Slona | V provozu
Pizzerie Terezka | V provozu
Skalka | Mimo provoz
Lyžařská škola | V provozu

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